Our History

WM Reed's firewood delivery and household business began in 1940 with the help of his son, Alvin and their families. Reed's Transfer had two trucks, and after a year gave up the household moving business to concentrate on firewood hauling, now known as Reed's Fuel. In 1942 another truck was added and in 1946 one of five trucks was converted to household fuel oil deliveries.

As people began heating their homes with sawdust, equipment was updated to meet customer's needs. In 1951 the fuel oil portion of the business was sold, in 1952 two pieces of equipment were purchased to haul larger loads of lumber products and in 1959 the first mobile radios were installed in the trucks.

By 1970, Reed's Fuel and Trucking was hauling sawdust, hogged fuel, chips, presto logs, lumber, veneer and plywood with a combined fleet of 46 power units and 31 trailers.

In 1982 Reed's Fuel Company obtained extensions to their Common Carrier Authority to carry pulp, paper, lumber and other related wood products between points in seven states. Diversification was becoming vitally important in the trucking industry, so in 1984, Reed's Fuel Company purchased a General Commodities Authority and began to do business as Reed's Fuel and Trucking. This name change helped identify that we were primarily a trucking business.

1987 and 1988 brought more changes when Jason Reed and Dan Leavitt joined the company. Jason represents the 4th generation of the business and is the Company President, with Dan being the Vice President. The Reed's Fuel & Trucking truck shop is now located in Coburg, Oregon, and has nearly 80 employees.

In 2010 more diversification came into play with the development of co-generation facilities that can utilize the byproducts in the forest by grinding them onsite and moving them to the co-generation facilities that will be converted into electricity for homes and power plants across the northwest.

Reed's Fuel and Trucking believes our employees are our most valuable assets and are the key to the success and growth over the past 70+ years. Having quality, motivated employees enables us to offer honest, courteous and dependable service, now and into the future.

May 1960 our first Freightliner diesel truck was purchased. Cost: $21,000.00. 1995 price was close to $75,000.00. 2007 price was around $95,000. Today, in 2010, the cost is close to $120,000.